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    offers specialized medical billing services as well as facility management
    including accounts payable, payroll and accounting options.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing

your Billing?

Medibill Collaborated Solutions exists to serve Substance Abuse Treatment providers and clinics to improve their financial performance. MediBill Collaborated Solutions tailors medical billing services to your specific needs in the Substance Abuse Treatment niche. In addition, we can provide your facility management with accounts payable, payroll and accounting options.

Statistically, outsourcing medical billing improves your cash flow and collections and reduces the costs and headaches of employee problems.

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Why MediBill Collaborated Solutions?

Experience! We have the experience you need to confidently outsource your billing! Medical billing for
Substance Abuse Treatment providers has its own specialized rules and only experience can help you
collect what you have rightfully earned.

Our Services


Worried you are losing money through the claims processes, but not sure how much or where the problem lies? Analyze it! Knowing and understanding the technical data and analytics...

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What can you expect from taking advantage of

our services?

  • Increase in Collected billing revenue
  • Increase in Cash flow
  • Focus on patient care instead of billing
  • Reduce staff size and employee expenses
  • Eliminate training costs
  • No cash-flow interruptions due to staff turnover
  • Reduce overall costs
  • Reduced call volume
  • Eliminate “non-medical” business office space
  • Receive detailed reports
  • Eliminate sick pay, vacation pay, insurance benefits, workers compensation, etc.

Our Process

MediBill Collaborated Solutions starts with an audit of your current billing reports to identify low and no paid claims. Then we implement our systems to begin the process of resolving these issues immediately. Next, we will review the last 30 - 90 days of submissions to look for patterns and determine changes that may need to be implemented. MCS will also audit the payments received to reconcile the outstanding open claims and make sure nothing has fallen through the cracks.

MediBill Collaborated Solutions will be an extension of your office and a partner in your success.

Solve Human Resource Problems

A major problem with in-house medical billing services is management, turnover, retention and practice growth staffing. Besides salary, there are payroll taxes, FICA and insurance, and the cost of administering and accounting for these costs.

Take advantage of our experienced medical billing services leaving you to focus on what is important - your patients!

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