Insurance & Patient Billing


Get Paid


The struggle between payers and providers over insurance compensation continues to escalate as payers apply more resources toward reducing their reimbursements. Medical insurers benefit from not paying you promptly.

One of the hot topics in medical billing for Substance Abuse Treatment providers is the collection of deductibles and patient out-of- pockets. We help you overcome this hurdle by systematically billing the patient and documenting collection efforts.

Medical billing requires in depth knowledge of ICD10 coding, CPT / HCPS coding, Rev codes and a number of different types of codes and statuses which are often overlooked or not even known. Miscoding and errors leads to wasted time in rejected claims, submitting corrections, appeals, delayed payments and denials. Our billing experts make sure submissions are done correctly the first time to increase revenue and greatly enhance the impact on your bottom line.

With monthly payment statements and reports, you always know that you are getting paid in the most timely and accurate fashion possible. We do the job right from start to finish to ensure your checks come in faster and for the maximum collectable amount.